Dear friends of my web blog


Dear friends of my blog !


It is very pleasure for me because I  have dicovered  since last month that there are many people  which read  my blog not only japanese, but also english in the world. 

I want to express my gladness and  thank.

I realize that they didn’t read my blog original language, japanes, and I’m only assuming they read in translation. 

 The first my question is how,   it ist only my suspicion  the  modern techinologie  would help this translation .

Since one month I receive increasingly  comments in english language, as it was, I don’t check  from where: probably from UK, from USA, from Rusian, from Canade, fron Austria or from asian countries.

I have answerd them right away per E-mail, indeed Icould’n sadly reach them.

I write my thanking therefor in this way and want to express that it had encourage me very much to keep up my work.